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iConvNet Upgrades Beachside Tourism Communication

iConvNet has recently joined forces with Inrico, a leading supplier of PoC radios, to collaboratively introduce a PTToC communication solution for a renowned coastal tourist attraction in Shenzhen. Following renovations in late 2021, the attraction reopened for trial operation during this year's International Labor Day holiday. With tens of thousands of tourists daily during peak season, the site encountered various communication and operational challenges.


As a provider of customized solutions for industry users, iConvNet integrated a converged communications system with audio and video communications as the core business, supplemented by AI analysis. The system is characterized by reliability, flexibility, security, and compatibility, which enables the tourist attraction to achieve an intelligent and efficient communication system.


Seamless Communication, Cross-device Interaction

Utilizing legacy narrowband equipment is a fundamental requirement for communications upgrades. With iConvNet convergent solutions, two-way radio can realize the connection with PoC radio and other LTE devices regardless of the strength of the public network signal. The iConvNet Mobile App is compatible with Android and iOS, enabling smooth communication across devices. All team members can engage in group communication within and beyond coastal tourist areas, even with limited handheld radios.


Flexible management, hierarchical communication

The attraction demands a unified and flexible management system to expertly handle its complex operations and various departments. The iConvNet Management Platform empowers easy configuration of different workgroups. Its group call function guarantees that each group's communication remains undisturbed by other groups. Moreover, the all-call and broadcast functions robustly transmit vital information to every terminal, enabling highly organized and efficient overall operations.


Intelligent Patrol Management

During the daily patrol of tourism areas, iConvNet provides an intelligent patrol function with NFC or GPS-based clock-in options, effectively optimizing scenic patrol management. In addition, the dispatcher can flexibly configure the check-in points and patrol routes as required.


The job ticket function is an essential feature. When an amusement facility needs maintenance, the manager assigns a task dispatch to maintenance technicians for a detailed inspection. Event reports, such as text, pictures, and videos, can be promptly uploaded from the field to the dispatch center through PoC radios or smart terminals. This capability enables the playback and export of vital information, empowering managers to conduct comprehensive post-event reviews and make well-informed decisions.


Streamline Emergency Response

Emergency response is crucial for intercom communications at seaside resorts. The SOS feature allows lifeguards to quickly alert dispatchers to any visitor in danger, while the system also provides man-down or stationary alarms and lone worker functionality for constant staff monitoring. Geofencing can trigger alerts if an employee enters a dangerous area, adding an extra layer of safety.


OTAP for Effortless Frequency Management

iConvNet introduces batch OTA (over-the-air) programming for radios, revolutionizing traditional wired frequency programming. This feature empowers administrators to remotely input frequencies to multiple radios, eliminating the need to physically gather radios for wired programming.


A spokesperson of the resort said: "The robust features and integrated platform of iConvNet have greatly enhanced the operational and communication efficiency within our scenic area."