About Us
iConvNet is a provider of customized solutions for critical industry users. We provide an integrated converged communications system with audio and video communications as the core business, supplemented by AI analysis. The system is characterized with reliability, flexibility, security and compatibility, of which can provide intelligent integration and security for social development.
Who is iConvNet?
iConvNet consists of three key words.
"i" stands for intelligence.
We believe that AI is the ultimate requirement for future communications, not only it empowers critical communications through AI to improve productivity but also enhance performance in every industry.
"Conv" stands for convergent.
Nowadays, communications in critical industries is experiencing fast change. The communications between elderly and modern systems urgently needs to be converged so that to realize smooth transition between both systems.
“Net” stands for network,
which means to connect isolated systems and break down information walls, and to form an comprehensive communications network to improve work efficiency.
In short, we integrate innovative technologies and global resources to provide users with intelligent converged communications solutions, making it possible to Connect The World.