Safe, reliable, and efficient communications are the basis for ensuring the smooth execution of public security tasks.
Mission-critical communications systems for the public safety industry must be high-reliability systems to ensure stable communications during any emergencies. Reliability is a key element in ensuring on-site officers can communicate quickly and accurately in times of crisis.
The communications system needs to cover a wide range of areas, including cities, villages, mountainous areas, etc. to ensure that reliable communication services can be provided in various scenarios.
Because different departments and organizations may use different communications equipment and technologies, the communications system needs to be interoperable, enabling different systems to work together to better respond to complex emergencies.
The communications system must be highly secure, including data encryption, authentication, etc. to prevent unauthorized access and information leakage.
Voice and Data Communications
The communications system needs to support voice communications for real-time communication and dispatching. In addition, increasingly important data communications, such as images, videos, and GIS, are also essential in the execution of critical missions.
As technology develops and requirements change, the communications system needs to be scalable so that can be easily upgraded and expanded to adapt to future requirements.
From the perspective of public safety users, iConvNet launches the convergent communications solution that is more in line with user’s needs.
iConvNet convergent solution includes:
iConvNet™ Core Server
The core server supports the main communications services of the entire convergent communications system. It provides voice services, data services, video services, PSTN/SIP interconnection, AI analysis, and other functions through public and private 3G, 4G, 5G, or WIFI networks.
iConvNet™ Dispatch
iConvNet dispatch is an intelligent multi-functional dispatch solution that supports voice, data, video, CCTV, PSTN/SIP phone, and other applications. The dispatch supports both B/S and C/S architecture.
iConvNet™ Mobile Application
The application can be installed on Android, iOS, Linux, and RTOS operating systems, making communications between professional terminals with different operating systems possible. The iConvNet Mobile Application brings clear, stable, and reliable audio and video communications services to professional users, and also provides more professional industry extensible functions.
Convergent Communications Gateway
The Convergent Communications Gateway is used for voice and data transmission between iConvNet™ PoC and LMR systems, enabling interconnection between traditional narrowband networks and iConvNet™ PoC.
iConvNet convergent communications solution brings a new and highly advantageous user experience as below:
Simple and easy-to-use UI, more in line with users' operation habits
iConvNet communications system adopts cluster deployment, which greatly improves stability.
iConvNet communications system uses AES256 encryption to ensure the security of users’ information and privacy.
It can be applied to public network deployment and private network deployment.
It provides an open API interface for integration with different 3rd systems.
It supports iConvNet PoC and LMR intercommunication.
With the powerful iConvNet video edge AI algorithm, it provides pre-warning of public incidents.