Airports and ports pursue a fully convergent ecosystem in terms of communications, requiring highly intelligent and modern communications solutions. Emergency response capabilities are the key factors to ensure efficient operations, improve safety, and better adapt to the requirements of modern logistics and global trade. The main challenges to Airports and Ports are as following:
Full-connected Communications Ecosystem
Airports and ports need to establish a comprehensively convergent communications ecosystem that covers equipment operations, vehicle management, cargo tracking, and personal & property security to ensure high-efficient collaboration between all operations and services.
Highly Intelligent and Modern Communications System
For airports and ports, adopting highly intelligent communication solutions is very important. It includes advanced PMR systems, real-time tracking technology, AI intelligent analysis, etc. to improve operational efficiency and safety.
Comprehensive Network Supporting
In order to support communications between different departments, a unified communications network needs to be established to facilitate collaboration among various services.
Emergency Response Capabilities
Airports and ports are the key transportation and trade hubs, and emergency response capabilities are crucial. The communications system must have reliable performance and advanced functions to cope with unexpected emergencies.
iConvNet convergent solution includes:
iConvNet™ Core Server
The core server supports the main communications services of the entire convergent communications system. It provides voice services, data services, video services, PSTN/SIP interconnection, AI analysis, and other functions through public and private 3G, 4G, 5G, or WIFI networks.
iConvNet™ Manager
Users can manage and configure all devices from iConvNet Manager, and can query logs and business statistics of all operations, making it more convenient for users to uniformly manage terminal devices.
iConvNet™ Dispatch
iConvNet dispatch is an intelligent multi-functional dispatch solution that supports voice, data, video, CCTV, PSTN/SIP phone, and other applications. The dispatch supports both B/S and C/S architecture.
iConvNet™ Mobile Application
The application can be installed on Android, iOS, Linux, and RTOS operating systems, making communications between professional terminals with different operating systems possible.The iConvNet Mobile Application brings clear, stable, and reliable audio and video communications services to professional users, and also provides more professional industry extensible functions.
iConvNet™ Gateway
iConvNet convergent gateways include PMR convergent gateway, PSTN/SIP telephony convergent gateway, and CCTV convergent gateway, etc. iConvNet integrates third-party systems to achieve task linkage, greatly improve business efficiency and reduce costs for users.
iConvNet™ AI Analysis Server
The iConvNet video edge AI analysis server analyzes real-time video data to implement functions such as facial recognition and event monitoring, which plays a great role in security prevention and pre-warning.
iConvNet convergent communications solution brings a new and highly advantageous user experience as below:
iConvNet communications system adopts cluster deployment, which greatly improves stability.
iConvNet communications system uses AES256 encryption to ensure the security of users’ information and privacy.
iConvNet convergent communications solution integrates with the existing PMR network to solve the problem of communications coverage and distance.
It provides an open API interface for integration with different 3rd systems.
With the powerful iConvNet video edge AI algorithm, it provides pre-warning of public incidents.