Challenges that the oil and gas industry faces: Safe, Secure, and Stable The solutions provided need to provide redundant, reliable, and secure communications.
Efficient and Flexible Communication
Ensuring instantaneous communications over long distances between different locations and departments and maximizing the efficiency of each communication.
Broadband and Narrowband Voice Interoperability
Realizing that narrowband communication devices in carrier network environments and places without public network signals can communicate with each other.
Information Modernization
The need for automatic warning of irregular operation, abnormal equipment, etc., to realize the early warning function.
High Capacity, High Scalability
It must support high-capacity communications services and needs to support smooth expansion without affecting the normal operation of the original communications services.
Multi-Network Support
Need to be able to communicate and transfer data via 3G/4G/5G/WIFI.
iConvNet converged communications solution is a highly modernized, integrated, and cost-effective communications platform based on carrier network operation, which is designed to meet the diverse requirements of current and future users in the oil and gas industry.
The iConvNet solution for the oil and gas industry has the following distinctive features:
Servers are deployed in a clustered way, which will greatly increase server capacity and scalability.
Ultra-wide coverage The iConvNet system can realize seamless communications between the production site and the command center.
The iConvNet System helps users realize communications between PoC radios (certified by iConvNet) and narrowband devices.
iConvNet video surveillance function can secure the safety of workers by remote monitoring(PoC radio or CCTV connection) irregular operation, equipment abnormalities, etc. while producing and sending alerts with its powerful AI edge algorithm.
Deployment of multi-site clustered servers, iConvNet system brings excellent system performance with strong redundancy.
Key Benefits of the iConvNet Converged Communications Solution.
iConvNet clustered servers Servers are deployed in a clustered solution, which is easy to support high-capacity communications business, with a strong scalability for future expansion. Clustered servers will bring strong system performance to ensure the stability and reliability of communications.
Costs Down Solutions iConvNet converged communications solution is based on broadband network infrastructure. Users do not need to invest to buy any base stations and can do the system and equipment maintenance via public network remotely, which will greatly reduce the investment and other costs.
AI Enabled. With the iConvNet video AI edge algorithms, it will bring users a new experience of intelligent management for both operations and maintenance.
High compatibility. Open platform interface to support integration with third-party systems.
Converged communications. The system supports the data and voice interaction between PMR system and iConvNet certified PoC radios, which will greatly improve communication efficiency.